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How To Look After A Driveway

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Adulting 101: How feasible is a mid-career switch? It takes sacrifice and courage, say those who’ve done it

Adulthood is an invigorating stage of life as young people join the workforce, take on more responsibilities and set their sights on the future. But its many facets — from managing finances and buying a home to achieving work-life balance — can be overwhelming. In this series, TODAY’s journalists help young Singaporeans navigate this stage…

People Have Strong Feelings About Lawn Mowing Simulator And I’m One Of Them

Lawn Mowing Simulator is a great idea, and occasionally enjoyable to play, but it too often feels like a tribute to the mechanized economy around landscaping rather than a celebration of chopping grass. I love riding around the yard in an over-engineered mower contemplating the idle passage of time. Hauling ass to…Read more…

Ditch These Tacky, Outdated Landscaping ‘Trends’

We recently advised you that certain types of landscaping can help (or hurt) your home’s resale value. (Steer clear of spikey plants! Avoid invasive species! Don’t plant too many trees!) But another way to potentially boost the value of your home—or at least its curb appeal—is to remove or refrain from outdated…Read more…

Lawn Mowing Simulator – A Cut Above What You’d Expect

Lawn Mowing Simulation is a legitimate and engrossing economic/management sim coupled with a relaxing landscaping/mowing mechanic that is surprisingly satisfying to experience. The post Lawn Mowing Simulator – A Cut Above What You’d Expect appeared first on COGconnected.

Yes, You Need to Talk to Your Neighbors If You Insist on Using Pesticides

If you’re fortunate enough to live somewhere with a nice lawn, landscaping, or garden, you likely have your own approach to maintaining them—and for some, that includes using pesticides. And if you and your neighbors don’t agree on spraying, it could cause some tension. But given that a pro-pesticide person is…Read more…